Our Vision

The vision for Africa Active – Health, Fitness & Wellness is to promote the interests of fitness instructors, volunteers, organisation, and health professionals working towards getting people to be more active, and practice healthy habits daily to attain better physical and mental health outcomes and wellness. It will be achieved by assisting fitness and health professional to work towards a holistic framework of spirit of inclusiveness (body, mind, soul & happiness), healthy living programmes, improved resilience and increased community cohesion. It is an organisation that has the potential to help members of the African community to develop their own skills and resources in accessing and securing their well-being.

The aim of Africa Active is working to make fitness and health-enhancing physical activity accessible and achievable for as many people and African communities through various partnership projects which can transform more people into active, healthy and a sustainable community. This will be achieved through the following aims and objectives:

Our Mission

To make it easier for everyone to enjoy an active life.

We will help create the right conditions in local places to remove inequalities, and build relationships to connect networks and advance change.

 Our Aims and Objectives.

1. To increase and sustain physical activities through a coordinated program.

2.To develop and deliver a range of workshop to support volunteers, fitness professionals which may lead to participation in social, economic, and cultural activities.

3.To organise social and cultural events to increase community cohesion, and to raise full for other health related issues such as cancer awareness, diabetic, onsite testing, community champion, Ambassadors etc.